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The Mott Haven Community Partnership believes every resident or individual deserves equal opportunities to a fresh start. The following organizations are some of the partners we currently work with. Each has been selected based on the level of engagement in the South Bronx and with the partnership. Please contact us to get in contact with one of these organizations. We will connect you to someone as soon as possible. You may also navigate through their website and familiarize yourself with different programs they may have for you.

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Our Education program empowers students to achieve personal and professional goals, such as acquiring basic literacy skills, earning a High School Equivalency diploma, preparation for employment, and encouragement to pursue higher education. Participants have the opportunity to develop essential reading, writing, math, and computer skills..

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Every agency listed in Connections has been contacted in order to provide you with current and relevant information. Where listings could not be verified by phone, the organization’s website was used to check basic program and contact information. Please be advised that the moment Connections is printed, it is out of date.

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CASES offers a range of programs to help youth and adults newly-released from jail or prison to successfully navigate the challenges of reentry, access opportunities to improve their lives (including through proven protective factors like education and housing), and avoid recidivism. 

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The College Initiative (CI) is an innovative reentry program linking formerly incarcerated men and women with college programs, primarily at the City University of New York.

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We serve anyone coming home from incarceration and on parole in Manhattan. We offer intensive case management and cognitive-behavioral interventions, including Moral-Reconation Therapy (MRT), Interactive Journaling, and Cognitive Behavioral Interventions

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Work affirms humanity and demonstrates to our men and women their inherent ability to provide for their families and contribute to the rebuilding of our community. Employment for court-involved youth and returning citizens is critical to stabilizing people and supporting their desires to become change makers and community leaders.

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Our employment program, GOSOWorks, connects job-ready participants to subsidized internship-to-employment opportunities with employer partners in a range of sectors across the city. When an intern is placed with an employer partner, GOSO provides wages up to the first 240 hours of work, after which employers can directly hire a participant. 

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Fresh Start will provide comprehensive supportive services to our students and refer them to partners for housing, substance-misuse, and other needs, all to ensure they stay stable and healthy. Intensive case management is recognized as the best practice in reducing recidivism for recently released ex-offenders.

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